Handsome little guy 😻

Handsome Little Guy 😻 -

Handsome little guy 😻


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Today'S Fishing Trip Was Very Successful. Caught A Big One.

Today’s fishing trip was very successful. Caught a big one.

Mugger Crocodiles Have Been Documented Using Lures To Hunt Birds And Are Among The First Reptiles Recorded To Use Tools. By Balancing Sticks And Branches On Their Heads, They Lure Birds That Are Looking For Nesting Material. This Strategy Is Particularly Effective During The Nesting Season.

Mugger crocodiles have been documented using lures to hunt birds and are among the first reptiles recorded to use tools. By balancing sticks and branches on their heads, they lure birds that are looking for nesting material. This strategy is particularly effective during the nesting season.