Happy first birthday to my lovely floof Luthien!

Happy First Birthday To My Lovely Floof Luthien! -

Happy first birthday to my lovely floof Luthien!


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Killdeer Chicks Are Precocial Which Means They Are Born With Their Eyes Open, All Their Feathers And Will Immediately Start Scurrying Around Looking For Food. Parents Will Fake Wing Injuries And Lure Potential Predators Away From The Young If They Are Threatened.

Killdeer chicks are precocial which means they are born with their eyes open, all their feathers and will immediately start scurrying around looking for food. Parents will fake wing injuries and lure potential predators away from the young if they are threatened.

Mama With Her Day Old Babies, Looking Like A Million Bucks

Mama with her day old babies, looking like a million bucks