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Heart melting sloth holding hands!

I LOVE holding hands with a sweet sloth. Gush! *Located at the Sloth Sanctuary/Aviarios Del Caribe In Costa Rica*


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  1. "Please, get me outta here! Sure, bring on the predators. Even if I only last a day, it'll be worth it to climb to the treetops one more time…"

    Apparently it's actually known by hardly anyone, how much Sloths sleep. I keep hearing on other videos about them being know for sleeping all day almost. In captivity that would be mostly true, but studies have shown that, in the wild, they only sleep about 8-9 hours a day. Another thing, with all the people, YOUNG people at that, who have Sloths as pets, how come there aren't any videos of them taking their Sloths climbing? lol

  2. Huh, interesting how a solitary prey animal approaches a human and shows affection like that. Maybe I'm just anthropomorphizing it but there must be some intelligents in that cute but unfortunate body.



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