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Hedgehogs, cute spiky adorable little critters but let me say this now. Baby hedgehogs or “hoglets” are very different little beast altogether.

When they are first born, baby hedgehogs are only one inch in size, blind, naked and completely dependent on their mom.

To stop the birth being, lets just say, an uncomfortable one for the momma hedgie, the baby hedgehogs are born covered by a fluid saturated membrane which covers their spines. As this membrane dries and shrinks (a process which takes 6 to 12 hours), the spines will begin to pop through the baby hedgehogs soft pink skin.

Cute Just Born Hedgehog Pictures
A New Born Baby Hedgehog Before His First Spines Have Broken Through

Baby hedgehogs first spines are very soft and hair-like. The first proper set of hard spines do not grow through for another two weeks.

While nursing her new babies the baby hedgehogs will line up along their mothers belly just like baby kittens or puppies.

Now that’s the education over and done with, lets get onto these adorable pictures. Hedgehogs - Baby Hedgehog Pictures

Newborn Hedgehog Pictures

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Newborn Hedgehog Pictures
Three Newborn Baby Hedgehog In Hand

Stretching Baby Hedgehog With Momma Hedgehog Pictures Being Held
Newborn Hedgehog
Newborn Hedgehog Picture
Newborn Hedgehog In Hand Sleeping Picture
Newborn Hedgehog In Hand Picture
Newborn Hedgehog In Hand Picture 3
Newborn Hedgehog In Hand Picture 2
Newborn Hedgehog In Hand Licking Himself Picture
Newborn Hedgehog Asleep In Hand Picture 3
Newborn Baby Hedgehog
Newborn Baby Hedgehog With Mommy Hedgehog Picture
Newborn Baby Hedgehog Soft Quils
Five Cute Young Hedgehog Pictures Being Held
Eight Newborn Baby Hedgehogs Play On Blanket
Cute Young Hedgehog Pictures
Cute Newborn Baby Hedgehog Soft Quils
Cute Newborn Baby Hedgehog Picture
Cute Baby Hedgehog In Hammock Pictures
Blind Newborn Baby Hedgehog
Blind Newborn Baby Hedgehog Yawning
Blind Newborn Baby Hedgehog Soft Quils
Baby Hedgehogs With Stuffed Toy

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This article was originally posted on October 27, 2018 @ 4:20 pm


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