Her smile melts my heart every time!

Her Smile Melts My Heart Every Time! -

Her smile melts my heart every time!


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Kiki Likes To Vogue Like Madonna While She'S Sleeping, So I Had To Compare. I Say Spot On! (Kiki Is On The Right Btw)

Kiki likes to vogue like Madonna while she’s sleeping, so I had to compare. I say spot on! (Kiki is on the right btw)

Red-And-Yellow Barbet Lives In Eastern Africa. Males Have Distinctive Black (Spotted White), Red, And Yellow Plumage; Females And Juveniles Are Similar, But Less Brightly Colored

Red-and-yellow barbet lives in eastern Africa. Males have distinctive black (spotted white), red, and yellow plumage; females and juveniles are similar, but less brightly colored