Highland cows – A hearty breed of cattle native to Scotland

Highland Cows - A Hearty Breed Of Cattle Native To Scotland - Highland Cows Are A Hearty Breed Of Cattle Native To

Highland Cows are a Scottish breed of cattle. They originated in the Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides islands of Scotland and have long horns and a long shaggy coat.

Fair to say, Highland cows are a hearty breed of cattle. To withstand the cold temperatures, they grow a very long coat of fur in the winter. Sometimes the “dossan” or the bangs of the cows grow so long that it covers their eyes making it more difficult to see!

It looks kind of funny, but these guys still find a way to function with hair in their face! 🐮

Interesting fact – Highland Cows are the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world. Infact, the highland Cattle Society was formed all the way back in 1884, with the first herd book recorded the year after.

At this time, in Inverness, the breed standard was discussed and set (including those bangs) and has remained unchanged ever since. Written records of Highland cows go back a century before this, and their first mention was in the 6th century — a very old breed indeed.


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