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Holding a baby 3 toed sloth

Sloth’s are native to Panama and they are pretty common in the tiny mountain village where I live. This baby’s mother was accidentally electrocuted crossing some power lines, and although her baby was clinging to her, it survived. Some people managed to get it down and have been looking after it. We don’t know if it is a boy or a girl sloth, and we think it might be a couple of months old. 🙂


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  1. Please please tell me how you made this happen. I have been wanting to hold a sloth for the last 45 years.I have even contacted the Costa Rica sanctuary and told them that I was willing to work for two weeks as a volunteer if they would just let me have five minutes with a sloth and no one responded. Please tell me how you made this happen. This is my lifes dtream

  2. Sorry for my englrish and Silly Question (from Far East ).
    Q.1: Without humane care, are Sloths able to make babies? and…parenting babies !?
    Q.2: How many babies Sloth mom give birth at once ? (Only 1 like humane ?)
    Plz answer, i will press a "good" to you for all your nice kindeness.

  3. Hello (again) I always click on this video when I see it, Id love to ask a question if you happen to see this, do sloths shake or shiver when they get scared like you know how dogs do ? I heard because they have to warm themselves via the sun that they do not shiver when or if they get cold so I was wondering what if they get afraid do they shake. Thanks David

  4. I'm glad y'all described the situation , and thanks for giving your time to do so. I know it's a matter of opinion, but the three toed sloths, to me, are WAY cuter than the two toed sloths. And for anyone who loves sloths, and has not heard of the Sloth Sanctuary Prison of Nightmares, Neglect, and Torture? Y'all REALLY need to check it out. I'll leave a link to one source, and from what I can, and keep finding out about this, it is 100% true…

  5. Iona mild mannered sloth mommy by day but by night Secret Agent Gunn grand daughter to the infamous Peter Gunn carries on the family business of fighting crime and teaching baby sloths to climb ! Lol awesome

  6. Ooh man what stupid people a aggressuv stupid dog near a baby sloth how arrogant are they?? This dog mayve scares the sloth the hole fucking day jellyng at him what did they think the sloth doesnt hear it and doesnt see it im sure if he see an exit at one day and he has alot of time he just goea away if the dog doesnt kill him before but im sure this sloth is dead today!!!

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