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  1. Hi there, I tried to save on a couple years ago and failed – it held on for days but it didn’t eat. I regret not trying egg in varying forms, raw to runny, you could try that, but they’re bug eaters not seed eaters which seem easier to care for. Good luck to you both!

  2. Found a baby swallow in the middle of the road beneath a wrecked nest after a thunderstorm. Area with a lot of stray cats. Need advice on how to best take care of it till it’s ready to go on its own. Not sure how old it is either.



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Little Leeloo Will Worm Her Way Into Anything. Here She Is Sleeping Between Two Rugs :3

Little Leeloo will worm her way into anything. Here she is sleeping between two rugs :3

I Want To Share Another Bunny Drawing Of Mine In Colour Pencils. I Hope You Like It!

I want to share another bunny drawing of mine in colour pencils. I hope you like it!