How Big Are Baby Sea Turtles?

One Sea Turtles Break Out Of Their Shells And Rise From The Sand, They Use The N

After 5 – 6 weeks in the nest, baby sea turtles are born. Once sea turtles break out of their shells and rise from the sand, they use the natural horizon as well as the white caps on the waves as a compass to lead them into the ocean.

How Big Are Baby Sea Turtles?

When born, baby sea turtles are approximatly two-inches in length and weigh approx one-half pound or approx 220 grams. This compares quite differently to an adult sea turtle which can grow to 3 feet long and 300-350 lbs .

Once they make it to the ocean they are on the search for food like seaweed, fish eggs, and jellyfish! All things that help them grow quite big apparently!

This amazing photo was taken in Florida and shared by @benjhicks on Instagram 🐢🌊


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