How Heavy are Moose antlers?

The Antlers Of A Moose Are Super Heavy! A Large Moose’s Antlers Can Weigh Up To

How Heavy Are Moose Antlers? - The Antlers Of A Moose Are Super Heavy A Large

The antlers of a moose are super heavy! A large moose’s antlers can weigh up to forty pounds or nearly 20 Kilos! Thats an average weight and it is probable that some very large moose antlers weigh 75 pounds or 34 kg!

Moose antlers reach different sizes in different parts of Alaska. The antlers a particular moose “wears” are a product of many factors including food, habitat, climate, weather and the size of their parents antlers.

No wonder a full grown bull moose has such a muscular necks to support all the weight.  Thanks to @arthurlefo who shared this photo on Instagram. Capturing these moose in all their glory !


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