So we’ve decided to write this article because the visitors to our Facebook page are awesome! How To Add Content To Our Facebook Page -

Ultimately, for those who follow our Facebook page, you’ll know we post a lot of stuff there. Actually a lot might not quite cut it…. A heck of a lot of stuff there.

We source our pictures and videos from many great sources, however one of the best sources has turned out to be the visitors to our site who want to share their own pictures of their adorable pets and other cute critters they have come across.

We started to save and share these pictures, but the more we shared the more contributions we received and it’s now got to the point that we simply can’t save and manually post every single submission we receive.

But wait! We have a cunning plan!

Within our site we have the option for visitor posts. This basically means that if you have a Facebook account then you can post pictures directly to our page. Sure they won’t appear in our main update stream, however they will still appear on our site immediately (so our page visitors can like and comment) and we’ll review the contributions every day and share the best ones to our thousands of followers within the main stream of our page.

So let’s get onto the instructions

Step 1 – Add you text and pics

When logged into Facebook. When you go to our page you will see at the top there is an invitation to “Write something on this page”. Post to this section as you would your own timeline. Using the camera icon to browse for any pictures of videos that you’d like to upload onto our page.

Posting To The Sharesloth Facebook Page (4)


Step 2 – Submit your stuff to our page

Once you have uploaded your picture, simply click on the publish button (highlighted below) to publish your pictures to our page.

Posting To The Sharesloth Facebook Page


Step 3 – Where did it go? 

When you have published your picture you might be wondering where it’s gone? Simply scroll down our page and you’ll see your item has been added in the sidebar to the left of our page under the visitor post section.

Posting To The Sharesloth Facebook Page


Step 4 – Appreciate your handy work

Selecting the Visitors post tab will display all of the most recent posts made by visitors to our page.  Take a second to appreciate your handwork and the handy work of our other visitors. We love reviewing your submissions every day and we’ll be sure to share the cutest offerings with the rest of our Facebook community How To Add Content To Our Facebook Page -

Posting To The Sharesloth Facebook Page


So there we have it. Have something cute to share then share it with our page. We look forward to seeing your cute contributions in the near future How To Add Content To Our Facebook Page -