I am an essential worker too

I Am An Essential Worker Too -

I am an essential worker too


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  1. ╧Г╧Е╬│╧З╬▒╧Б╬╖╧Д╬о╧Б╬╣╬▒ ╬│╬╣╬▒ ╧Д╬╖╬╜ ╬▒╬╜╬м╬│╬╜╧Й╧Г ╬╖ ╬▒╧Е╧Д╬┐╧Н расшифровать

  2. To think my cat (4 yrs old) is running around cleaning house when I’m sleeping at night!! (no wonder the poor kitty is sleeping all day after I get up!)

    WOW…maybe I’d better up my game and get the cat some more treats and toys due to the fact he isn’t the complaining type that I’m not cleaning to his satisfaction, not to mention I’ve wondered how my sewing room table got straightened up the other night. (I didn’t remember putting all those cat print fabrics in a neat pile…..)

    Oh, wait, maybe that was a hint from my cat “Mason” telling me he wants another bed made with like minded animal prints? WHAT a smart cat I have!!!

    These are cute photos!!! Made my day!



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You Guys Gave My Cat Some Love While She Had Pancreatitis, So Thought I'D Update That She'S On The Mend And Still Tucked In

You guys gave my cat some love while she had pancreatitis, so thought I’d update that she’s on the mend and still tucked in

This. This Is Why I Keep The Cage Doors Open Most Of The Day. I Love Looking Over To See Them Shrunk Back Into Their Fancy Fur Coats With Tiny T-Rex Arms And Double Chin Fluff.

This. This is why I keep the cage doors open most of the day. I love looking over to see them shrunk back into their fancy fur coats with tiny T-Rex arms and double chin fluff.