I am gonna go for a ride with my hooman

I Am Gonna Go For A Ride With My Hooman -

I am gonna go for a ride with my hooman


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  1. I don’t get why people need to point out that they would die in a car crash if it were to be one.

    Most people would realize this, you think a strap is gonna save you if a rollercoaster derails?

    For all we know the person recording the video knows this and did this just to create a cute moment. You Reddit detectives need to get a life and stop making depressing remarks in a sub like this.

  2. This is highly idiotic. And the first dog just trying to get out the whole time shows they don’t handle them as actual living beings. “hey look at this cute gif where we completely ignore that the animal doesn’t want to be there and also have no clue at all about safety.
    Just because it’s a puppy doesn’t make it automatically cute. All we get from this clip is that the owners are shitty people.



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Little Green Bean Monster.

Little green bean monster.

My Mom Asked Me To Show Off Her New Puppy George On My &Quot;Red Website&Quot;. Im Assuming This Is What She Meant.

My mom asked me to show off her new puppy George on my “Red website”. Im assuming this is what she meant.