I buy them nice hammocks and Igloos but they still sleep in the cardboard box.

I Buy Them Nice Hammocks And Igloos But They Still Sleep In The Cardboard Box. -

I buy them nice hammocks and Igloos but they still sleep in the cardboard box.

This article was originally posted on April 1, 2020 @ 11:09 pm


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  1. I gave my girls a hammock and they loved it for a week… then proceeded to chew two of the cords that hold it up. So they had their hammock privileges taken away.

    They really enjoy using hay and toilet paper and making their own nest.

  2. My baby boy is the same way! I give him.nice comfy towels and boxes and build him a nice bed made for a rat king and he tears it out Everytime and looks like a tornado went thru his cage. I will post a pic

  3. I’m super lucky my boys will sniff at a cardboard box once then go back to the hammocks I make for them, they expect luxury. My girls on the other hand always go straight for the random junk that they find during playtime

  4. It’s got to be a pee soaked Seltzer 12-pack for my ratties.

    I bought them a brand new hammock but they prefer the old torn up and urine stained one. It is so gross looking.

    But, I don’t have the heart to retire it because they love it so much… when they are not in an old cardboard 12 pack.
    I love my ratties. Especially their quirks.
    I take old, torn up, UNWASHE t-shirts of mine and put it in the side of their boxes. The seem to love that too.

  5. My boys loved cube hammocks but that’s it! They slept in a Lacroix box most of the time and played with literal paper instead of the toys I gave them. Miss them so much!

  6. Same! I’ve bought a few fancy things from the pet store, but all my rats’ favourite things have been homemade things

    I.e igloos from ice cream buckets, pieces of curved piping hanging from the ceiling of the cage

  7. Truth. They’ve been in their igloo…maybe 4 times in the year since I’ve had them? They spend all their time in the one hammock, and whatever is the oldest box in the cage.

    I keep thinking THIS THING I buy, they’re going to love, but it never works.



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