I made my cat her own fake BBQ company!

I Made My Cat Her Own Fake Bbq Company! -

I made my cat her own fake BBQ company!


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  1. Hey OP!

    I know this will get buried and maybe even unseen because this got (justifiably!) popular.

    But I wanted to give you a really sincere thank you. This inspired an idea for me as far as homemade gifts as my family approaches birthdays & Christmas — especially since we’ve been hit particularly hard in our particular case and even particular city.

    Not having a lot to lean on besides some cooking ability and Photoshop skills means this is something I can make for loved ones with what little I have.

    Please understand, this really made my day. Thank you so much! Thinking of the various possibilities and name puns with each of my cats has me thinking about something positive, and the whole idea had me welling up with …. almost a relieving feeling?

    Anyway, I’ll shut up now, and just say thanks once again.

  2. Big thank you for the award!!!
    Edit: extra big thank you for the gold!
    Edit2: more thank yous for the awards! This was all just something funny ive been thinking about for months!



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