I said, “If you come home with me, we can live together.” he meowed and did not leave me for 2 km. He sniffed the house, ate it, and when I opened the door, he didn’t want to go. We have been living together for 10 days. He is 10 months and very smart. Say hello to my son Sake 😍

I Said, &Quot;If You Come Home With Me, We Can Live Together.&Quot; He Meowed And Did Not Leave Me For 2 Km. He Sniffed The House, Ate It, And When I Opened The Door, He Didn'T Want To Go. We Have Been Living Together For 10 Days. He Is 10 Months And Very Smart. Say Hello To My Son Sake 😍 -

I said, “If you come home with me, we can live together.” he meowed and did not leave me for 2 km. He sniffed the house, ate it, and when I opened the door, he didn’t want to go. We have been living together for 10 days. He is 10 months and very smart. Say hello to my son Sake 😍


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  1. Hello people. We have been seing a lot of people doubting if this boy had a previous house just like we did. We did search everywhere we could and found no results. Nobody is looking for this handsome. Even the vet said she hasnt seen him before. Also there were no chips. Here is our guess; since we live close to our campus, he was owned by a fellow student like us. We study abroad much like many other students here and when the covid-19 breakout happened many left their homes and went back to their home countries. The vet said many people have actually abandoned their pets. She was happy that we are giving him a new home and gave us a major student special discount 😀 also, he ate in the house not the house itself. But its funnier if he ate the house so imma leave it like that have a nice one.

  2. I’m wondering why nobody is thinking he might have been abandoned too.
    Yes take him to the vet and check if he’s got a chip, put some ads in the neighborhood just in case. But let’s not discard that he could have been discarded too, there’s a lot of people doing that because of COVID 19, especially with cats.

  3. That’s cute and congrats, but please take him to a vet ASAP to get checked for a chip. There’s no worse feeling in the world than losing your pet and worrying about their safety out there.

  4. If you haven’t already, you should take him to a vet to check if he’s been microchipped; he might be someone elses escaped cat. Just because he doesn’t have a collar doesn’t mean he’s a stray!

  5. everyone’s saying check if he has a chip but to tell if a friendly cat has a home i literally just smell them to see if they smell like people.

    … maybe i am also a cat and don’t know it yet.

  6. I hope you checked if he was really homeless. Something like that happened to my friend, someone found a kitten and gave her to him. Couple of weeks passed, his family got attached to her and then the original family of that cat came to them and begged to give her back. They did but so many hearths were broken because of that whole situation. If you did checked and he was homeless congratulations!!

  7. looks like everyone is talking about getting him chipped, but in the title it says the cat is 10 months. that’s a pretty educated guess by OP unless they already took him to a vet to have him examined, in which case it’s highly likely he’s been chipped already.

  8. Pretty sure you’ve just stolen someone else’s cat. We have a lot of visitors to ours – our cats are ridiculously friendly – and you can tell the difference between ones wanting an extra dinner and ones who don’t have somewhere to get dinner.

    This little one looks well fed and well cared for. Take it back to where you found it, at least get it chipped. Christ.

  9. In other words: He followed her home and into her house, investigated & sniffed around, ate the food she offered him, and when she opened the door, to show him he was free to go, he decided to stay. He’s still there 10 days later.

  10. Tbf, while there’s a chance he could be chipped, there’s also a chance he might not be. I found my own kitty in the same way and we did post for months in groups and checked for a chip with no success. It’s possible that some wild kitties will follow you home and politely await adoption.

  11. I know everyone is saying this, but really, check if he’s missing from somewhere… I think he looks too good to be a stray, and I know my cat would go home with anyone who seems willing to feed him. I’d be absolutely heartbroken if someone stole my cat (that’s why he’s not allowed to go outside without me). It always baffles me that people say “that’s how you get a cat” when cats walk up to their homes… you’re probably stealing someone’s best friend. To be sure, i’d check for a chip, check facebook groups, post about finding the cat on social media, put up posters in your neighborhood and contact any missing animal organizations available in your country. Do this before getting too attached!

  12. Please make sure you get him checked for a chip I know my cat would wander off with anyone who showed her attention and my kids would be heartbroken if she didn’t come back

  13. Just gonna echo that call for a microchip scan at the vet and a check on your local facebook to see if anyone is missing their cat. The worst thing would be to kidnap someone else’s fur friend unknowingly

  14. I’m not being snarky, but did you take him to the vet to check if he was chipped? Did you advertise on Facebook, Lost Pet internet pages, vets etc to see if someone was missing a pet?



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