I was finally able to catch my cat, Lemon, showing her teefies :)

I Was Finally Able To Catch My Cat, Lemon, Showing Her Teefies :) -

I was finally able to catch my cat, Lemon, showing her teefies 🙂


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  1. Does he also have it on the side of his mouth? Make sure he has stainless steel dishes or ceramic bowls. I have had 4 cats and had never heard of it till my little rescue dude got it. He is so happy and very affectionate and rubs his face on everything and also has greasy hair compared to my other cats. I just get my fingernail and scratch those little black bits off. If you leave them they get oily and sticky and harder to remove. So I check my little man daily. Doesn’t hurt him but it can be harder if I leave it a bit. Otherwise I have used betadine antiseptic . Google pictures. It can get bad. I have asked my vet about it when he has been for his vaccinations but it hasn’t gotten bad so not been a major problem. Others might know of other things to do but these things work for me. That doesn’t look too bad in your cat and I think if you rub it it will come off. Sometimes if I leave it a bit of hair comes too and his skin looks red so then I put the antiseptic. Though that was really when I first discovered it and left it a bit.



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