It finally happened! I rescued this beautiful 2 year old boy today! Everyone meet Mr. Teriyaki!

It Finally Happened! I Rescued This Beautiful 2 Year Old Boy Today! Everyone Meet Mr. Teriyaki! -

It finally happened! I rescued this beautiful 2 year old boy today! Everyone meet Mr. Teriyaki!


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  1. Hey, here’s the details on his adoption

    Mr. Teriyaki was an informal resuce in that a neighbor knew Mr. T was being neglected, and convinced the owners to let her sell him for them. We found her add and agreed to pick him up from their farm today.

    When we got his farm his fur was matted and dirty and he smelled like the a dirty barn, which is where we believe he stayed. He cowered at raised voices and starting whining when I went to put his new harness on him. He had wounds on his ears and scarring on his head and nose. We adopted him and took him home to begin his healing. When we placed him on the pet bed in our car he froze, and has in everything soft he’s been on yet, we are fairly certain he had never been on anything truly soft before (though clearly he’s learning to enjoy them). This picture is taken after a bath, he has since had 2 and looks even better! After brushing and washing him we truly believe he had never been brushed in his life. There are some good things as well, he’s not malnourished, and appears to actually be healthy weight for his size, his teeth and clean and look good, and doesn’t have fleas or any skin conditions that we’ve noticed yet.

    Despite everything he is the calmest sweetest corgi that I have ever met and he is showing us more and more of his personality. He is an absolute lover boy who is perfectly happy to sit and soak up the love and is beginning to figure out toys. He already loves his big sister who still still isn’t sure about him. We are so happy to welcome him into our home and family and look forward to continue making up for lost time, taking him on adventures and showing him all the finer things in life.



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R.i.p To My Best Buddy And Handsome Boy. I Will Miss You Dearly.

R.I.P to my Best Buddy and Handsome Boy. I will miss you dearly.

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Look, twins