It’s Neil day

It’s Neil Day -

It’s Neil day


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Don’t Be Tempted, Gandalf Will Scratch You If You Go For The Belly. You Look, But You Can’t Touch.

Don’t be tempted, Gandalf will scratch you if you go for the belly. You look, but you can’t touch.

I’ve Been A Lurker For A While, But Today I Lost My Little Baby. We Had To Put Her Down Today Because She Was Suffering From Cancer. I’ve Had Her Since I Was 7, And This Is My Senior Picture I Took With Her This Year At 17. I Miss Her So Much U Guys, She Was My Best Friend.

I’ve been a lurker for a while, but today I lost my little baby. We had to put her down today because she was suffering from cancer. I’ve had her since I was 7, and this is my senior picture I took with her this year at 17. I miss her so much u guys, she was my best friend.