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  1. Oh no… I have a bunch of tulle left over from making tutus hears ago… the pieces are too small for most projects… except… maybe… a void tutu. I’ll just add that to the list right after I finish the extra face masks for my household (everyone has one, but I have just enough supplies to make a 2nd each in case theres no opportunity to wash them daily), then finishing the throw pillows for my new couch, then making a duvet cover out of the sheets since i found the zipper i bought for that purpose while searching for elastic in my bins of sewing supplies. Crap I have a lot of unfinished projects…



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Figured You Would All Like My Dog. He Passed Away Just A Few Hours Ago. I Figured You All Would Like To See Him, He Was Such A Cute And Beautiful Dog.

Figured you would all like my dog. He passed away just a few hours ago. I figured you all would like to see him, he was such a cute and beautiful dog.

No Sudden Movements, She’s A Anxious Loaf

No sudden movements, she’s a anxious loaf