Leatherback Turtle – Do I look grumpy?

Do I Look Grumpy?  
I’m Not - I Can’t Make Myself Smile  But I’m Smiling On The

Unlike Sloths with their almost permanent smile, Leatherback turtles appear to be the complete opposite. I’m sure this chap is smiling on the inside though! 😁

The leatherback is the largest sea turtle in the world. It can reach up to 2 metres in length and weigh up to 2,000 pounds (or 900kgs)!

Leatherbacks are also the only sea turtle without a hard, bony shell. The shells of other sea turtles are made of thick plates called scutes. Leatherbacks, as their names suggest, have a leathery texture that’s quite soft and flexible.

Despite his grumpy appearance, this big guy is a pretty cool dude we recon 🐢 Photo credit : @jakewiltonphoto on Instagram

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