Like groundhog day, how corgi owners can tell when spring really starts… And so it begins

Like Groundhog Day, How Corgi Owners Can Tell When Spring Really Starts... And So It Begins -

Like groundhog day, how corgi owners can tell when spring really starts… And so it begins

This article was originally posted on April 8, 2020 @ 7:48 pm


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  1. I don’t have a corgi yet, unfortunately, but my fiance always teases me because my hair gets EVERYWHERE. Once we get a corgi, I doubt we’ll be able to see the carpet anymore

  2. I have a corgi + malamute mix so it’s absolutely futile to fight the fur. While brushing him I imagine he’s just laughing going “YOU FOOL, YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE”. I pickup and vacuum what I can, but even years after he’s gone I’m still gonna be finding spiderweb fur in my house, car, and clothes

  3. The first apartment we moved into had double-decker hanger racks. My shirts went on the bottom level. I’ll never forget pulling out one shirt and the bottom half was covered in corg hair. I pulled out more shirts and realized that she was sleeping in/under my shirts.

  4. First time corg owner here, how long are brush sessions supposed to last? Once I feel like I’ve gotten a good chunk off or is it possible to actually get all the loose fur off for a day? It just seems like it never ends. And do you need to brush underneath at all? Like the neck and chest fluff?

  5. Mine doesn’t seem to follow the seasons correctly, probably because he’s inside most of the time, but man last time he blew out his coat, it was when we were on a long drive to go hiking. I was throwing handfuls of hair out the windows, it was so much hair.



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