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Lilo The Sparrow – Cutest Thing Ever

You have to give some serious cudos to people sometimes and Reddit user Smashingkitten gets a whole heap of brownie points from this Sloth lover this week.

Apparently this baby sparrow, which they eventually named “Lilo” was rescued from a destroyed nest just over a couple of weeks ago.

The reddit user writes:

Because the nest was destroyed we didn’t think the mom would come back. After leaving her in a basket on top of the dumpster for a few hours no mom showed up (The myth that once you touch them the mom won’t come back is just that, a myth.) My boss was not thrilled I brought a baby bird into the restaurant, but we kept her in the back office until I could take her home that night.

For the first few days my girlfriend and I traded off feeding her every 20 minutes. When she started hopping we moved her into a small cage meant for a finch, but now at 20 days she’s very unhappy in it, so we just moved her to a much larger cage. She gets to fly around our bedroom whenever we’re home and likes perching on the closet door, because the hinge is shiny, or in the crook of my neck.

She was on a diet of kitty chow and hard boiled egg yolk which we fed to her with a little syringe for the first two weeks. Now she eats off a fork, but hopefully she’ll be feeding herself soon! She also recently discovered cuttlebone and her own reflection, the two loves of her life.

Check out the adorable collection of Lilo the sparrow pics below:

Baby Sparrow
02 - 3 Days Old

3 days old – She was still living in a show box here

03 - 3 Days
Lilo at 1 week old

04 - 1 Week
05 - 5 Days
06 - 10 Days
10 days old – starting to get hungry!

07 - 10 Days
08 - 10 Days

2 weeks old – So fluffy!

09 - 2 Weeks Old
10 - 15 Days

17 Days old and like to perch on a hand

11 - 17 Days
12 - Time For A New Cage

Time for a new cage so she can stretch her wings

13 - She Likes To Cuddle And Watch The Laptop Screen Move

Loves to cuddle

14 - More Cuddling

The reddit user goes onto write:

Our decision to keep her was a tough one. There were no rescues near by who could take her, so the only other option was to leave her to die. At this point she isn’t afraid of cats or snakes (the other pets we have.) and loves people (she comes when gestured to.) so releasing her now would almost certainly end in death for her as well. It’s also not illegal to keep a sparrow in our state.

We named her Lilo (we’re also assuming it’s a her,) because it means ‘Lost one,’ and she was definitely quite lost.

I tell you what Reddit user. You completely rock! Lilo The Sparrow - Cutest Thing Ever - Baby It’s a difficult decision when you come into contact with wildlife but Lilo now has a chance of a good life that she would have never had previously.

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This article was originally posted on November 22, 2018 @ 9:36 am


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