Little babies are growing fuzz!

Little Babies Are Growing Fuzz! -

Little babies are growing fuzz!


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  1. Years ago, one of the first rats we ever adopted was pregnant from the pet store, and seeing her newborn babies go from pinkies, to pigmented, to furry, and then to open-eyed, hopping, micro-pooping crazyrats is a journey I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I just grin every time I see a baby rat in this stage. Thank you for this picture.

  2. Wonderful adorable.

    Just a curious question since I have only ever owned hamsters and not yet adopted a rat companion:

    Hams are unpredictable and people usually cannot touch the young, since mom might kill or eat them once their scent changes. Hamsters are solitary and can be assholes though (but I love and respect them anyway). I was wondering if this is different with rats because they’re friendlier, more social creatures? Are you all able to handle the babies?



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My Dog Was Just Put Down Do To Cancer. But I Wanted To Let Everyone Know What A Good Dog He Was. ♥️

My dog was just put down do to cancer. But I wanted to let everyone know what a good dog he was. ♥️

My Heart!❤️

My Heart!❤️