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Matty The Baby Sloth Will Win Your Heart

It’s fair to say that we love sloths. Matty The Baby Sloth Video The name of our site is probably a bit of a give away to be honest!

Today we’d like to introduce you to Matty the sloth. In this video you can see Matty (Matthew) a baby three-toed sloth giving Claire (sloth handler and tour guide extraordinaire) a hibiscus petal.

Matty, the baby sloth, reached out to his handler at the sanctuary and the moment was captured by tourist Rachael Hosein.

‘The best day of my life,’ Rachael wrote about witnessing the encounter.

Matty The Baby Sloth

Matty, the baby sloth looks as cute as can be

Matty The Baby Sloth

Gift: With a tiny pink a hibiscus petal, the baby sloth reached out to his handler

Matty The Baby Sloth

Matty The Baby Sloth

Friends: Matty wanted his handler, Claire to accept his floral gift

Matty The Baby Sloth

Check out Matty in the the adorable video below:

Matty the Baby sloth video

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