Meet Penelope and her husbun Hoptomis Prime

Meet Penelope And Her Husbun Hoptomis Prime -

Meet Penelope and her husbun Hoptomis Prime


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  1. Please tell those bunnies that I love them. Be sure to get them vaccinated against the RHVD virus if you live in an area where there are outbreaks (currently in WA, AZ, NM, CO, TX)



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I Lost My Dad To Covid-19 On Thursday. Mango Hasn'T Left My Side Since.

I lost my dad to covid-19 on Thursday. Mango hasn’t left my side since.

My Sweet Girl Passed Away Yesterday At 15 And A Half Years Old. She’s Always Been Such A Good Pal, And I Know She’s Up With All The Other Doggos In The Big Field In The Sky. Rest Easy Sweet Maggie

My sweet girl passed away yesterday at 15 and a half years old. She’s always been such a good pal, and I know she’s up with all the other doggos in the big field in the sky. Rest easy sweet Maggie