Meowth does a yawn and a stretch

Meowth Does A Yawn And A Stretch -

Meowth does a yawn and a stretch


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  1. As we can see, the Lion is relaxed and awake ready for another meal

    but this isn’t just a meal it has to work for, it is given by a human from a can and

    ample quantities of dry food from a plastic bag.

    A domesticate creature of habit living among humans who panda to it, care for it and give it shelter and by the looks of it, it will not be going anywhere anytime soon.



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Chill Foxxo

Chill foxxo

Most River Otter Species Are Monogamous And Mate For Life. So Those Cute Pictures Of Otter Couples You See, They May Just Be Together Forever.

Most river otter species are monogamous and mate for life. So those cute pictures of otter couples you see, they may just be together forever.