Mom pretends to be startled to build her cub’s confidence

Mom Pretends To Be Startled To Build Her Cub’s Confidence -

Mom pretends to be startled to build her cub’s confidence


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  1. I do this with my cat because I read about how momma big cats do that with their cubs, and I want to be a good cat momma too. I can tell it makes my cat feel so good about herself and that’s why I’ll never stop humoring her.

  2. When me and my dad were out fishing when I was small I used to never catch anything.
    One time I catched 4 fish while he got nothing, proudest day of my life.
    A few months ago I found out that he had no bait on his hook in order for me to catch the fish.
    It makes me love him so much more. Miss you dad.

  3. And like a real parent she quickly goes “oh boy…you got me!!” Aaaaaand then keeps walking away, ignoring the kid until the next time they demand attention. Relatable.



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