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Munchkin Cat Has A Shower

I love cats. Admittedly, my own cat ‘Colin’ is a domestic moggy but I still think he’s awesome

Looking at the ‘posher’ cat varieties and you have these cute little things called Munchkin cats.

The Munchkin cat is a relatively new breed of cat characterized by its super cute short legs and cute stumpy ears. To look at, you might think its the cute Puss in Boats character out of the Shrek movies but this little guy is the real deal!

Todays share features a cute Munchkin cat having a shower, because why not!?

I’m not sure if munchkin cats like showers but this one looks particular loved and extra cute all the same:

munchkin cat shower

So there we go. Munchkin cats are super cute!! If you agree. Take a second to share this with your friends using one of the buttons below.

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  1. May i ask where you got this adorable cat from? Inwould love to have one just like this but can’t find them anywhere online.

    • Its not our cat Sophia. Google “Muchkin cat kittens” and you should find a local breeder. 🙂

    • Hmmm, not sure Sabrina. We thought the “Munchkin” was a breed in it’s own right. If anything I’d suggest this little guy comes under the “The Exotic Shorthair” category.

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