Music to my ears

Music To My Ears -

Music to my ears


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  1. Dilly had a GI stasis event this weekend! That little dudes all I have in these tough times and of course he’d try and die on me, that little jerk! Thankfully he only bankrupted me ? The hay sounds are so great now that I got him back and he’s eating again ?

  2. When we first got our bunny, we put his x-pen next to our bed in the master bedroom and fell asleep every night listening to him cronching on his hay.

    Then we moved, and the pen doesn’t fit in the new bedroom, and I miss sleeping next to my bunny. I think he misses it, too. (We can’t let him run loose all night though, he tends to rip up carpet at 2 a.m. trying to get us to wake up and play)

  3. He made his little angry sound while I was on with my dnd group. They all had never heard of it. Even that sound is so cute. God forbid I tear my eyes away from him, when he is sitting on my bed and could easily come sit with me. He was grouchy because usually when I have a banana I will give him a small piece, but this morning I didn’t give him a piece because I don’t want to give him too much sugar. He is wasting away!!!

  4. Yes! Especially right now since my boy is shedding his winter fluff and I’m paranoid of stasis happening again(he nearly died last april from stasis) I fell asleep this evening because i was so relieved listening to him nomming away at his hay.

  5. If she’s eating hay, she isn’t kicking litter out of the litter box, or punching the baby bunny in the face, or flipping the water bowl around the room. So yes, music to my ears.

  6. Greatest sound in the world after my loki bear went through a traumatic blanket entanglement followed by a day of minimal food/water intake. Yes, he is back to normal and happier than ever.



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