My catloaf, Roomba, was born without eyes.

My Catloaf, Roomba, Was Born Without Eyes. -

My catloaf, Roomba, was born without eyes.


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  1. We have one of those. His name is Chester. He runs the place, now. He looks a lot like Roomba. He knows exactly when it is 4:30 am. He goes by the names of L’il Kitty, LBH, Dammit, Million Dollar Cat, and L’il Buddy. He is an insufferable ham and I have only myself to blame. Your cat rawks, op.

  2. You’d think that a cat without eyes would be “creepy” or “scary”, but to me it just looks like part of the normal fur pattern. I saw the video of Roomba playing fetch, which was adorable! It’s always so heartwarming when special kitties have wonderful homes like yours.



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