My chonk of a study buddy

My Chonk Of A Study Buddy -

My chonk of a study buddy


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  1. Looks a lot like my Stanley. Only Stanley is on a strict diet now! Lab blocks ONE AT A TIME. No hoarding rule. Only four little Yogis treats per day. Ten low sugar Cheerio treats per day. He is not deprived in any way. Weight loss will be very slow and gradual. He has lost 12 grams of Chonk so far. He will be two in August. I want him to live as long as possible. Good ratty. Zero health problems so far.

  2. What I’d give to have a rat study orgo with me rn… good luck on your final! At least I’ll need it haha… gotta pray to the carboxylic acid derivative gods.

    Wait JK y’all go to VT – I’ll pray for you next time we meet at the commonwealth cup!



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That’s One Happy Little Rascal!

That’s one happy little rascal!

Hmm Dis Not My Nip....

hmm dis not my nip….