My girl Butters on the day her foster failure became official

My Girl Butters On The Day Her Foster Failure Became Official -

My girl Butters on the day her foster failure became official


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  1. My pup has been stuck states away with his grandparents since COVID took over our lives. Please give her a top of head kiss for this puppy crazy lady. She looks like the best girl.

  2. She looks similar to our boy Charlie!! 🙂 congrats on your new family member!! I recommend setting aside a small savings account for emergency future vet visits, if you haven’t already! Or look into pet insurance! My older dog blew out his knee this year and if we end up going for the surgery, it’ll probably be around $5000 all told. Not that every dog will have this issue or anything like it, but I’m wishing now that I’d saved at least a little bit each month since the day I got him just in case.. sorry to take over your happy post with random side thoughts! 🙂

    /endunsolicitedadvicerant 🙂



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He Loves Watching Tv And Showing Off Them Beans.

He loves watching TV and showing off them beans.

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It was suggested I cross post this diva here.