My mom’s little ankle biter

My Mom'S Little Ankle Biter -

My mom’s little ankle biter


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  1. That’s not an ankle biter. That’s a baby big dog and will grow up to be smart.

    Angle biters are things like dumb little Chihuahuas or those white fluffy dogs that every pear shaped woman has.

  2. ah yeah

    I have an ankle biter too. She’s part Australian Kelpie, which is apparently some sort of shepherd dog. IDK. I only researched her when I saw her on a rescue website. She goes after feet and sometimes shorts, esp my kids’ shorts.

    edit: To combat the mouthiness, we are offering toys when she becomes playful (and mouthy). We use the word “toy” or “ball” when she starts getting mouthy. Basically distracting her with things she is allowed to bite on and use positive reinforcement when she bites toys (and not us). Any time she brings me a toy, I go into “high voice good girl” mode. The frequency with which she brings me toys has increased a lot the last couple of weeks.

  3. Do they all do this? Mine was born on New Years 2020 and he still bites and bites. Somehow he even chewed a hole in the wall. The wall! How did he even get his teeth there? Anyway, your little ankle biter is soooo cute.



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