My wife just sent me a picture of our cat at the vet. Safe to say she’s a little scared.

My Wife Just Sent Me A Picture Of Our Cat At The Vet. Safe To Say She’s A Little Scared. -

My wife just sent me a picture of our cat at the vet. Safe to say she’s a little scared.


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  1. We had an HVAC tech out today to our house and our poor baby was so scared, it broke my heart. He was trembling so hard his whole cat tree was shaking. I wish our cats could understand that we wont let anything hurt them. Hope your kitty is doing well!

  2. I’m surprised you were allowed to go in. I had to take my cat in for the first time, during the pandemic & we had to do a curbside drop off. Cat was extra stressed without us there with her ☹️

  3. Aw! At least she was able to go in with him.

    We can’t go in at my vet, and we have a semi-feral girl who ONLY trusts us, I was terrified for her at her appointment because I had no way to know how she was feeling about it.

  4. I recently took my new kitty to the vet for a checkup and was sad that I was not able to go in with her due to covid. I hope she gets lots of snuggles and is alright.

  5. I felt bad for him but watching my huge fluffy boy at the vet was hilarious. He was a massive fraidy cat so he’d just sit there not even trying to hide, just trying to literally shrink. He looked like he was trying to suck it in everywhere on his body at once. Your kitty looks like she is trying to be flat.



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