New house teefies?

New House Teefies? -

New house teefies?


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  1. Oh my gosh what a goofball! My cats never make faces like this! They will sometime open their mouth the tiniest bit because of flehmans response but never such big expressions!

  2. Aw poor baby is stressed. They do that mouth thing bc they’re not getting enough air. Happened to my cat when we moved the first time. I hope your cat feels at home soon!!!

  3. Aww, poor guy seems stressed! If only we could just explain to them that theyโ€™re safe ?I find that when I confine my cats to one room for the first few nights, they calm down and adjust better to moving house!

  4. We just moved into a new place with our black cat! He made that same face and weโ€™d never seen it before. Is this just an expression of stress? Were you familiar with it?



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