Nico wants to know if he’s a supermodel.

Nico Wants To Know If He’s A Supermodel. -

Nico wants to know if he’s a supermodel.


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  1. Omg y’all. My bother has been telling me for years to hop on Reddit and share my Bengals, but I never expected this kind of reaction! Thank you ? I’ll be sure to let the derp know y’all think he’s supermodel material, but if I don’t serve up the praise with a bowl of ice cream I doubt he’s gonna care much.



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Catloaf Blep

Catloaf blep

The Grey-Headed Flying Fox (Pteropus Poliocephalus) Is Distinguished From Other Flying Fox Species In Australia By Its Reddish-Brown Collar Which Separates Its Light-Grey Head From Its Dark-Grey Body. After Birth, Young Flying Foxes Will Cling To Their Mothers For 3 Weeks As They Go Foraging.

The grey-headed flying fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) is distinguished from other flying fox species in Australia by its reddish-brown collar which separates its light-grey head from its dark-grey body. After birth, young flying foxes will cling to their mothers for 3 weeks as they go foraging.