Our Bosley has started mourning the loss of his girlfriend and my heart aches💔

Our Bosley Has Started Mourning The Loss Of His Girlfriend And My Heart Aches💔 -

Our Bosley has started mourning the loss of his girlfriend and my heart aches💔


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  1. A couple bits I want to mention so I don’t start sounding like a cranky broken record, I really apreciate everybody’s comments?
    I work in an animal shelter thus Bos is one of our rescues,
    He’s roughly 7 and was with Kové roughly 5 years
    We lost Kové back in late January, she passed overnight in the hutch from a tumour,
    Bos has always been a quiet lad, he has off days where he wants to hide from us but eventually eats and drinks,
    He was never up for rehoming because of Kové’s health but he may go and live with our boss upstairs

  2. My beloved Obi passed a couple months ago. Two days after his bunny Anakin passed as well. They were so close. Anakin lived for Obi, followed him everywhere except onto my lap. We left Obi out for 7 hours after, but Anakin still took it very hard. He laid with me most of that day, and he never had really cared about me before. Stress got to him I think, took him to the vet and even force fed him. But he passed in our arms. It’s still very hard for me.

  3. Poor guy. You can feel the grieving in that picture! Please give him endless attention, or a partner.

    We had 2 sisters that were inseparable for 4 years, and one passed away. It was brutal. She started sleeping in our bedroom at night, spent days in my home office with me, showered her with attention and it helped a bunch. About 5 months later, got her a husbun and now they are besties!

  4. Oh my poor babie Bosley 🙁 I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s so difficult to get through but I hope you all recover from it with fond memories of her. It’s so nive when buns are all hoppy and happy, it does break my heart to see them sad and lonely 🙁
    My heart goes out to Bosley and you, so much love and strength your way, my dearies.

  5. One of the saddest things was when we lost a bun and his bond mate wouldn’t let us put a towel over him. She kept trying to take it off and nudge him awake. Felt so bad for her.

  6. I’m so sorry ?

    In November I went out of state to get married. We paid a friend to come feed our buns and let them out for a few hours everyday. I’m not entirely sure what happened when we were gone, but on our wedding day one of my rabbits died. I was so worried about my other one becoming depressed. I read that since she was with the dead rabbits body for awhile (he was alive in the morning, was dead that night when the sitter came back) that she would understand that he died.

    She definitely grieved for a few weeks, but we tried to give her sooo much attention. She’s okay now, but we decided not to bond her with another rabbit. Since there’s no other animal for her, she spends a lot of time with us. She’s finally back to zooming and doing binkies.

    It’ll be hard, and it hurts cause we don’t know exactly how our pets are feeling. With lots of love, your sweet bun will be okay ❤️

  7. We lost Clover while they were at the sitter. Pepper was a totally different bunny. When we picked them up, I held him on the drive home. He licked my face all over. Something he had never done before or since. It was like he was saying he was glad to see us because he had a bad weekend.

    When we got him home, he went into seclusion. He didn’t want to come out and see anybody. We would go up to his hiding spot and give him a treat and some pets, then leave him alone. He finally started coming out again and being with us. He started getting restless and destructive so we knew he was lonely and needed a friend.

    We got Sal and they’re best friends. Pepper is so much happier. I still miss Clover.



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