Our latest foster…

Our Latest Foster... -

Our latest foster…


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  1. So sweet! I would carry her in a pouch near to my heart day and night! I had two rescue torties, Mandy and her daughter Tammy. Both were extraordinary beings that taught me so much and gave such love! Enjoy every precious minute! What’s her name?



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We Adopted This Chonker A Little Over 3 Weeks Ago. 22 Pounds! We Are Starting The Work To Get Him To A Healthier/Manageable Weight. But For Now, Enjoy The Belly!

We adopted this chonker a little over 3 weeks ago. 22 pounds! We are starting the work to get him to a healthier/manageable weight. But for now, enjoy the belly!

Weighing A Snow Leopard Cub

Weighing a snow leopard cub