Our lovely beautiful girl.

Our Lovely Beautiful Girl. -

Our lovely beautiful girl.


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  1. Extra large murder mittens! Oh she’s so pretty! Gorgeous gray and white coat. Is she extra smart? Have met a fair number of polycats that were. Think they are evolving thumbs…

  2. This is very reminiscent of how my Isabella when she sits down. I love the coloring of the elegance of your kitty cat. She is definitely a beautiful girl and I would certainly say that she is super model material 🙂

  3. Oh what a gorgeous girl! There was one like this in the litter of my most recent cat… I was so tempted but ended up opting for a black one as they get overlooked so much. I knew the pretty grey baby would get a home in a heartbeat.



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This old girl was diagnosed with cancer today and will receive 2-3 weeks of her favorite foods and all the cuddles and catnip she could ever want. A blep for you all!

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