Pink Robin – Ready To Paaarty!

Pink Robin
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Pink Robin - Ready To Paaarty! - Pink Robin By

If there is a bird ready for a night on the town, you cant go far wrong than the Pink Robin.

The Pink Robin is a small chunky bird, and is easily overlooked, being quieter than other robins. Males are brownish-black above, with a black throat and head. There is a small white spot above the bill, which is a buff spot on the female but then you get to the glorious pink plumage on his belly.

The Pink Robin is unusual amongst birds in that both the male and female have pink colouring – so often, only the males of a species display bright colouring to attract their mate.

You’ll find pink robins like this little guy in south-eastern Australia, preferring dense bush and rainforests, particularly eucalypt forest, during the breeding season, and moving to more open drier habitat during the winter months. Credit to @ravi_arora who shared this awesome capture on Instagram.

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