Please scroll softly, i am trying to sleep

Please Scroll Softly, I Am Trying To Sleep -

Please scroll softly, i am trying to sleep


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  1. OMG the colors and sleep position look SO alike one of my own, I stopped scrolling confused thinking “…when did I post him on reddit??” ?

    Now I want to see his face!
    Edit: found their face in your profile ? the resemblance is less though haha

  2. I used to have a cat that looked painfully similar to that one and now I’m sad cause she’s gone. To the humans society because my mom had allergies and we couldent keep her

  3. My doopleganger to your sweet, quiet boo, is quite the opposite! I get 1-2 presents daily and if she isn’t outside hunting she’s outside flopping for people. It’s strange to see her so still!



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