Puppy found in combat- before and after.

Puppy Found In Combat- Before And After. -

Puppy found in combat- before and after.


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  1. Military and wartime life details are absolutely out of my scenario and questions flourishes: How are you allowed to keep a dog during active service? Are you authorized or something? Wasn’t that dog owned by someone else before? Was a gift, was vacant or what’s the case?

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  3. Most people don’t seem to know how common it is with wild animals lose on a war zone. I’ve heard camp Spiker was filled with cats. My dad was telling me a story of how during a mortar attack, a mother cat gave birth to kittens during it. Most people don’t take them in as they’re safer on the streets. Can’t say the same for dogs though. Heard stories of them picking at bodies and ripping flesh off. Ain’t war hell.



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