Purple Swamphen

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Purple Swamphen 

Purple Swamphen - Caption This Purple Swamphen By

Caption this picture of these Purple Swamphen by @arpita_nov6

I’d like to think the next frame is of the bird on the left face down in the water after his cheeky pal pushed him over. That or he’s about to eat something that his friend on the right saw first!

As can be seen in this cature, the Purple Swamphen has a resplendent purple-blue neck, breast and belly, and a gaudy, oversized bill and frontal shield, both of which are bright red, as are its beady eyes.

Apparently they are a sassy bird. When a Swamphen walks away from you, it usually flicks its tail up and down to reveal a gleaming white rump, which contrasts with the bird’s black upperparts. Gosh! So cheeky (literally)! 😏 😁

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