R.I.P to my Best Buddy and Handsome Boy. I will miss you dearly.

R.i.p To My Best Buddy And Handsome Boy. I Will Miss You Dearly. -

R.I.P to my Best Buddy and Handsome Boy. I will miss you dearly.


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  1. So sorry. I lost my girl in 2018 to cancer. She was only 10. It truly sucks.

    Your boy is gorgeous in this pick. Take care. It’s not easy but it helps me to think of my girl in no pain.

  2. So hard to lose a member of the family that we love. I bet my dollar he had a good life. Glad that you let him leave so there would be no more suffering. It’s the kindest and hardest decision but I’m quite sure he thanks you for it.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my big boy late last month. It’s been difficult and I’ve slid back into depression, but this morning I was able to go through photos and videos and smile. He was such a goofy boy, he still makes me laugh.

    Stay strong.

  4. I’m soo sorry ❤️ He looks like a Labrachow?? Lab/chow mix?? We recently lost our Maddie and she looks like your pups sister. It will get easier eventually…he’ll always be with you though. Maybe our pups are playing over the rainbow bridge!! Warmest wishes to you.

  5. I had to say goodbye to my best pal a few days ago. He was just two weeks short of his 9th birthday. His life was cut short by aggressive cancer, and we lost him way too soon. This picture was taken the same day we had to put him to sleep. I’ll miss you buddy.



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