Raggiana bird-of-paradise

Raggiana Bird-Of-Paradise.
By:©Rick Lilley

Raggiana Bird-Of-Paradise - Raggiana Bird Of Paradise By©Rick Lilley

The Raggiana bird-of-paradise really does live true to its name in this stuning capture by Rick Lilley.

The Raggiana bird-of-paradise, also known as Count Raggi’s bird-of-paradise, is a large bird in the bird-of-paradise family Paradisaeidae. You will find these guys distributed widely in southern and northeastern New Guinea, where its name is kumul. It is also known as cenderawasih.

Birds of paradise are perhaps best known for the plumage of the males of the species, in particular the very long elaborate feathers extending from the beak, wings, tail or head.

They use their beautiful plumage to attract a mate – You’d need to be blind not to be impressed by this guy!

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