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How To Remove An Owl From Your Home With A Swiffer Mop

It started out so innocently. A guy gets home and discovers a cute little owl that had made its way into his home through an open window.

All was calm but he knew he needed to get the owl back outside. Armed with his trusty Swiffer mop, he encouraged the owl to perch on the Swiffer so he could move the owl towards the open window.

How To Remove An Owl From Your House With A Swiffer

Then this happened. The owl began to give the home owner the most intense stare. A look that makes the home owner just that little bit less comfortable in the company of his new little pal!

How To Remove An Owl From Your House With A Swiffer

As he got closer to getting the owl outside, the little guys look intensified. How cross does he look? Will he attack?

Watch the video to see if he survives? (The home owner that is)!

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This article was originally posted on July 30, 2018 @ 8:40 pm


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