Rhubarb in a tree

Rhubarb In A Tree -

Rhubarb in a tree


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  1. He’s so cute! ❤️ Please be careful putting them in trees though, someone’s hammy on a hamster fb group I’m on got parasites from being placed on trees, got a huge blockage and passed away.



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Just Wanted A Picture Of Her Weird Sitting Position But Caught A Weird Expression Instead. Almost Looks Like She’s Trying To Toot.

Just wanted a picture of her weird sitting position but caught a weird expression instead. Almost looks like she’s trying to toot.

She Is The Sweetest Dog I’ve Ever Owned But People Usually Cross To The Other Side Of The Street When They See Her Coming.

She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned but people usually cross to the other side of the street when they see her coming.