Romeo got grippy socks cause he’s old and having a hard time with the slippery floors.

Romeo Got Grippy Socks Cause He'S Old And Having A Hard Time With The Slippery Floors. -

Romeo got grippy socks cause he’s old and having a hard time with the slippery floors.


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  1. thanks for sharing these! my girl is still young but she does the cha cha slide across our hardwood floor sometimes after having knee surgery. ive been buying rugs to cover the floor and didnt even think of grippy socks to help her!

  2. My dog has an autoimmune disorder, and for a while was on so much prednisone that her muscles started to atrophy. Yes it was hell, but thankfully she’s better now. But for a while she could barely walk, couldn’t do stairs, when standing her legs would literally slide out from under her.

    It never even occurred to me to put booties on my dog, so we just got/borrowed a bunch of small rugs for all the hardwood/tile. With those grippy pads underneath of course.

    Also, if you have hardwood stairs, these “stair grippy things” are INCREDIBLE. Super easy to apply, 1 ½ years later they’re still going strong and look basically brand new. My dog was terrified of the stairs because they were too slippery and she fell a couple times, but with these grippy things, she quickly regained confidence. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    EdenProducts(15-PACK)Pre Cut Transparent 24″ x 4″ (More Sizes Available) Non Slip Strips, Safety For Kids, Elders And Pets, Adhesive Stair / Floor Tre

  3. Yo! OP! Theres a product you can get where you make their soles grippy. It took a little finesse but it worked Great! Some nice/cute vet tech told me about it for my GSD who had a neurodegenerative issue.

    It’s little tiny rubber bits (like coarse sand) you adhere to their pads with a thin layer of super glue. kinda genius! It doesn’t hurt em, works great, and wears off in a couple weeks.

    Put the rubber sand in a little ketchup to go dish thing from a fast food place, it made it so i could do each pad individually and not in a messy rush. My GSD was picky about being tidy, so I had to get it Just right for her lol

  4. Hi! Just wanted to make a suggestion. My 7yo dog had the same issue. We had refinished our pool and when they blasted off the original paint a lot of micro plastic/glass ball that they used was left behind on our pool deck. We didn’t know. Our dog slipped and really hurt herself. I tried all kinds of socks and shoes and finally found the brand Lava socks. It gives the best fit and the best grip. The Velcro strap system really keeps them on my dog’s feet all day long. Indoor and out. The rubber padding on the bottom is strong and textured for extra grip. Pretty comfy for the most part. Our dog wears two on her back paws. We saw significant improvement within a week.



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