She won’t get on my lap without this blanket

She Won'T Get On My Lap Without This Blanket -

She won’t get on my lap without this blanket


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  1. She looks like she’s plotting against you. An elderly friend of mine used to have a Maine Coon kitty. The kitty’s stripes gave her an angry face, but she was a nice kitty. She got to stay over at my house and the old lady asked me after I took care of her “What did you do to my cat?!” before I hosted the kitty over at my house, she was very shy and skiddish but after she spent about a week at my house she became a very happy, friendly and outgoing kitty.

  2. What a beautiful, adorable kitty! She has good taste in blankets, too! That one matches her perfectly! Gorgeous!

    She looks so cuddly and loving. Please pet her a while for me!

  3. Is it that she won’t sit on your lap unless there is *a* blanket or she won’t sit unless there is this *specific* blanket? Cause it’s extra cute if she’s so picky that it has to be this particular blanket.

  4. Our cat gets on my husband’s legs every night while he’s watching tv. But the other night he was just wearing shorts. She was so skeeved out by his bare skin that she had to stay just on the shorts.

  5. My cat is similar but not as picky. He won’t get on my lap (or belly when I lay on the couch) if I wear certain things, i think he either doesnt like the fabric, or the smell of certain shirts/ pants.
    Also he won’t come near when wearing shorts or no shirt, he HATES naked skin

  6. I have a cat that won’t step/sit on fleece blankets like this. She’ll come up and touch it with her paw and take it back in disgust, then she stares at you, waits a bit to see if you’ll move it and if not, she’s out

  7. I have a cat the exact same way! I think she was separated from her mother too early, because if I have the fuzzy blanket, she comes to me instantly, and suckles the blanket while making biscuits. I adopted her from a Saturday adoption event, so I’m not sure how old she was when she was separated.

  8. My old kitty does this too, but it’s the opposite: I always sit with a blanket in my lap on the couch and she has learned not to get in my lap until the blanket is settled, then she’ll climb in my lap. I didn’t realize that I had trained her until my boyfriend was sitting down and she wouldn’t get in his lap until he got cold and wanted a blanket. Smart girl!



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